Hi, we are NOWA Jeans.

And here’s three reasons why you should be NOWA too.

We Love Waste

You must have heard it: one man’s waste is another man’s treasure (well, that’s not exactly it… but, you get the point). And we take this very seriously.

In fact, so seriously that we’ve decided to create a brand out of it: NOWA Jeans.

NOWA Jeans is NO WAste (get it?). Yep, that’s right. For us, the noblest raw material already exists, but the industry still perceives it as waste. More than that, our commitment is to understand waste as an opportunity (and not as garbage).

We are in a serious relationship with nature

At NOWA Jeans we provide a new cycle for materials that have already reached the highest levels of quality and consumed huge amounts of water, energy, chemicals and extensive areas of cultivation. Materials that, otherwise, would be incinerated or accumulated in landfills, which is really bad for the planet.

We hate the idea that all these resources are reduced to waste and put the environment at risk. What drives us is the search for ideas and technologies that transform, this otherwise waste, into desired products, thus sparing our planet by slashing the environmental footprint.

That’s why we give you simple and easy to consume fashion in an environmental conscious and socially responsible way.

We think recycling is sexy and trendy

We don't see ourselves just as a fashion brand, and this is not an identity crisis.
We elevated recycled denim and transformed it into a super cool, super comfortable and super trendy jeans and jackets.

Not only genuinely sustainable, our pieces value design and wearability, like a second skin. Our jeans fits are carefully designed and our materials made to last. They mix timelessness with fashion trends.
NOWA Jeans is an attitude for a world without waste.

Our Big Wheel of Recycling

We love what we do. That’s why when it comes to get us some fun, recycling is our little secret.

Our Sustainable Certificates

The recycled denim we use is certified by GRS. This certification proves verified recycled content and also includes social and environmental criteria and chemical restrictions. NOWA only uses recycled fabric certified by GRS.

The factory we selected is certified by the Brazilian Association of Textile Industries, with a gold standard its social responsibility practices.